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Thai Stamp Shop - Beautiful Thailand Stamp for Sale. Siam Stamp Exchange Country - U UNITED STATES Andy Mosko

Collector Profile of Andy Mosko

 Member no. 01339     Registered Date : 2009-11-24    Actived Date : 2020-02-17 02:54:58  
Name : Andy Mosko
Address : 6761 E. Kiami
Tucson, AZ 85715
Country : UNITED STATES Andy Mosko is a collector from UNITED STATES
Want : Exchange Partners: Mint singles/sets, souvenir sheets, large postally used commemoratives, perfins. Also FDC\'s.
Offer : Worldwide postally used, mint sets, postal stationery, topicals (flora, fauna, ships, planes, etc.), FDC\'s, naval/flight covers, souvenir sheets, precancels
Remarks : Send 100 recent large of your country. Receive 120 recent large USA or world large. Recent receives additional bonus. I have precancels, meters on envelope, souvenir sheets, mint sets and singles and other philatelic materials to trade. Tell me about
SC 02262 
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Message.1 : Hi Mr. Andy Masko It is an honor for me to communicate with you to exchange stamps. I also want to exchange stamps with you. I can send invalid and invalid stamps to exchange with you. Because of the expensive cost of mailing to the United States, I offer the following exchange: 1- Send at least 500 invalid Iranian stamps 2- Send 500 invalid stamps (in 90 different types) Iranian I would also like to receive the following: 1- 1 Iranian canceled stamp = 1 American canceled stamp 2- 1 Iranian invalid stamp = 1 American invalid stamp 3- 20 void Iranian stamps = 1 US or foreign stamp envelope(fdc) 4- 10 Iranian unmarked stamps = 1 US or foreign stamped envelope(fdc) If you agree to these terms please post a mailing address and we will send it to each other. with the best wishes Ali Kashmiri Please reply to this email:
By : ali keshmiri   Date : 2020-03-23 12:27:53

Message.2 : Dear friend, Thank you for your message! I'm very happy to exchange with you! I can provide you some the philatelic products from China, Chinese territories – Hong Kong, Macao and other countries. but I don't collecting used, CTO stamp and FDC, MC. I'm 75 year-old retired pharmacist. I'm interested in: 1.Butterflies, Primates(e.g: Monkeys, apes, orangutans, Human Evolution etc), Folk costumes and dances thematic complete set mint stamps, S/S, minisheets and booklets. 2.Butterflies, Primates, Folk costumes and dances thematic postal stationeries(stamped envelopes, stamped postcards, stamped aerogrammes etc). 3.Animals, WWF, Birds, Fish, Sea fauna, Dinosaurs etc. I also collect the uncirculated commemorative banknotes. I'm interested especially in Butterflies, Primates, Folk costumes and dances thematic postal stationeries(postage printed on envelope or card). What do you need and can offer? Please send me the scanning picture. Hope to develop long-term exchange. Waiting for your reply. Best regards, tql from China. my email:
By : tao qi liang   Date : 2019-12-26 09:18:26

Message.3 : Hello Andy . We exchanged stamps a couple of years back. I have plenty of Scandinavian FDC:s with different topics.Also a lot of mint blocks/minisheets from Europé if you are interested. Mats
By : Mats Jensen   Date : 2019-10-09 16:42:19

Message.4 : Hi Andy. Thanks for the nice stamps I received from you a while back. I will send you another packet of mint South African homelands soon. Regards. Enver
By : Enver Baker   Date : 2019-04-12 21:15:43

Message.5 : Hi Andey, thanks for mail ,yes i collect mint commemorative stamps and postal stationary worldwide,i can offer your stamps of Nepal ,please mail me bye ,awaiting your reply.
By : Raju Pun   Date : 2019-04-09 10:40:01

Message.6 : Dear Andy, thanks a lot for showing your interest for Indian commemorative stamps. I can help you to get some Indian used /mint stamps besides some Japanese stamps. As I have already mentioned that I will not send first. You can send me your stamps packet. After receiving your Packet I will send mine. My address Ashok Agarwalla Ganapati Investment Karanjia Mayurbhanj Odisha 757037 India
By : Ashok Agarwalla   Date : 2018-09-22 19:36:04

Message.7 : Hi Andy Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately we can not exchange the way you want. We collect used stamps worldwide and make no difference between big and small and commemoratives or definitives. Unfortunately, we can not obtain specific commemoratives from Sweden because the boundary between commemoratives and definitivesis so unclear and Swedish stamps generally have about the same size. We also do not want only one country but prefer, for example, shipment with 100 stamps of 10 from each country. We have so much from so many countries that we would get too many duplicates if we only get from just one country. Best wishes Margareta and Hans PS. Siam stamps couldn't reveal your e-mail address.
By : Margareta och Hans Boer   Date : 2018-07-04 16:39:53

Message.8 : HI ANDY,...THANKS FOR YOUR happy to exchange with you...first sorry for the delayed reply to you due to some work load in my translation that...late reply to you...sorry...and i am okay with you to exchange stampsss. my favour is Birds, Fish, Butterfly, eagle stampss....kingfisher and other birds... after you sent postmail...i will reply whatevery you want.. (recent (1990-2018) India commems) good...whatever the number is 100, 200 or 300 or more than that i am okay,,, here my address is SahulHameedu.A, No 34, 2nd Floor, Rohini illam, Adaikalampillai colony, iravathanallur, madurai, Tamilnadu 625009 India.
By : Sahul Hameedu   Date : 2018-04-24 16:07:09

Message.9 : Hi happy to see your message....i would like to sell my stamps if you interested pls send text to me thanks
By : Sahul Hameedu   Date : 2018-02-05 19:09:43

Message.10 : HI
By : Sahul Hameedu   Date : 2018-02-05 19:08:28

Message.11 : : Dear friend! I agree to be exchanged with you by the used stamps of the whole world 100:100, 200:200,300:300 and anymore. Send for the beginning of 200 things of your used stamps WW in an exchange on 200 things of my used stamps WW on my postal address. Guarantee an answer. Sincerely. Your MILIVOJ
By : Milivoj Kajkut   Date : 2013-10-21 22:18:01

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