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Thai Stamp Shop - Beautiful Thailand Stamp for Sale. Siam Stamp Exchange Country - C CHINA lao din

Collector Profile of lao din

 Member no. 04506     Registered Date : 2013-08-09    Actived Date : 2020-05-12 09:32:44  
Name : lao din
Address : Dong bai yu tan 46-401,
Huzhou city,
Zhejiang province,
313000 China.
Country : CHINA Lao Din is a collector from CHINA
Want : Thematic mint stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, postal stationery, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from world wide.
Offer : Stamps, S/S, minisheets, booklets, FDC, postal stationery, postcards, covers, banknotes and coins etc from China, Chinese territories – Hong Kong, Macao and many countries.
Remarks : I do not send first.
SC 03602 
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Message.1 : Friend, I am a collector of ww Banknotes coins stamps and souvenir sheets from India and am searching for a good friend from your country to swap philatelic and numismatic materials.Interested please get in touch with me.Good luck and best wishes.
By : Balasubramanian   Date : 2020-04-14 20:26:21

Message.2 : sending you some stamps and covers please send what you consider a fair trade. Andy Mosko
By : Andy Mosko   Date : 2020-03-25 03:59:48

Message.3 : Dear fellow stamp collector, Did you agree to Exchange Mint stamp in full sets,fdc’s,Miniature Sheets,Sheetlets,Booklets MC’s ,Covers & Polar Covers with special post marks with me ? My main interests are themes about Wildelife, fauna, WWF, birds; butterflies, flora Trains, ships, art, lighthouses, costumes, painting, sport (Olympic Games, football…), space & cosmos in complete sets of mint condition, miniature sheets & covers with special postmarks your country. I can exchange for stamps from Algeria ,Germany,Russia, in mint condition at face value for the new edition (2015 to date) and using the catalogue Yvert & Tellier as basis for the olds. I can exchange mint stamps by Registered Air Mail for safety & security. Philatelic greetings Hocine
By : OUANDJLI Hocine   Date : 2019-07-25 16:15:42

Message.4 : hi my choice is USED & MINT stamps of India, Japan & worldwide, my theme is Birds, Fish, Butterfly, People, Arts, Animals, especially i am looking OLD INDIAN USED STAMPS & POSTAL to swap...pls write to me
By : MUHAMMAD AASHIF   Date : 2016-03-02 20:02:36

Message.5 : Hi Lao din , sorry for late answer. I ve used another portal and didnt control this one. Would you like to exchange stamps with me? I would like to get stamps from China, Honk Kong, Taiwan and some other asian countries in exchange for this countries I can offer you stamps from Slovenia, Hungary, Germay, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria former Yugoslavia in exchange for your country stamps and other countreis too.. Pleaase answer me and we can start... * Viljem
By : KOBAL Viljem   Date : 2016-02-20 02:02:56

Message.6 : Hi, Nice greetings from Slovenia. I can offer you stamps from Slovenia, Croatia, former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, USA, Australia and other countries. I would like to get stamps from China, Honk Kong and other asian countries. We can start with 100 for 100 or 200 for 200 stamps. What do you say. Please answer me. Viljem
By : KOBAL Viljem   Date : 2016-01-10 15:58:23

Message.7 : Hello, Lao Din! I am glad that you told me. You have an interesting topic for collectibles. And I really want to help you with the completion of your collection. I have a few questions: What is S \ S? Theme: "Primates" - it's all kinds of monkeys and from any country? While it is difficult to navigate in the early exchanges. Because many want, but few opportunities. You could say that I'm a novice collector. Because for many years I have not touched the marks (about 20 years). I collected stamps still in school, and graduated as a hobby in 1993, when I had a large family concerns (at the time I had two small children and a few moving from one city to another). I am 46 years old, I work as a rural doctor. Now I already have a granddaughter, and I want to start again, collection and exchange of stamps. From past years I still have stamps of the USSR (until the 1990s), a small collection of blank envelopes and postcards of the USSR and different brands on different topics Socialist Republics (Fauna, Space, Sports, Technology, Flora, painting). I remember that in those days we did not have contact with your country. Accordingly, the marks of your country, we did not sell. So I would be interested in doing an exchange envelopes with stamps shipment. In the near future I am going to communicate with the post office in a nearby town to buy stamps there modern Russia. Since I live in the countryside, where the products are not available philately. I could also conceivably acquire envelopes and postcards. If you would be interested in sharing with me, then I suggest sending each other different (new and old) postage stamps of our countries in ordinary envelopes. That is, I want to say that mene are interested in any stamps of China. Since I want to know more about your country. Also, I would just like to make friends with you and to correspond to share ideas, photos or news of our lives. But I also want to continue to collect stamps on the theme of fauna. Previously, I collected these stamps from different countries. It is possible that you have unwanted marks and other countries (not just China), which show different animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, animals or dinosaurs. So you and I have a few common themes for collectors! Yours - Vladimir Cherdyntsev. My postal address is: Vladimir Cherdincev, ul. Shkolnaja, 23-14, Botovo, Cherepovetckij rajon, Vologodskaja oblast, Russia, 162693. My email address:
By : Vladimir   Date : 2015-02-20 22:18:02

Message.8 : Hi, Nice greetings from Slovenia. I would like to exchange stamps from Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia for stamps from China and some other neighburing countries. For the begining 100 different stamps for 100. My adress is: KOBAL VILJEM SLAMNIKARSKA ULICA 14 p. MENGEŠ 1234 SLOVENIJA
By : KOBAL Viljem   Date : 2015-02-14 18:28:27

By : juan carlos   Date : 2014-04-24 17:41:47

Message.10 : hello from Taiwan! are you interested to exchange F.D.C with me ?
By : Jade Chen   Date : 2014-02-09 13:16:49

Message.11 : hello, I am jessica. I am come from Hong Kong. I would like to ask that will you interested in exchanging used stamps with me? Look for your reply. Thanks :)
By : Jessica Chan   Date : 2014-02-09 12:02:35

Message.12 : Dear friend, I am very happy to exchange with you! I am 69 year-old retired pharmacist. I can provide stamps,S/S,minisheets,booklets,FDC,postal stationery,postcards,banknotes and coins etc from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Iran, Canada, USA, Brazil, Austria, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. I am interested in: 1.Butterfly, Primate, Folk costumes and dances, Beijing Olympics, Animals, WWF, Insects, Birds, Flowers themes of Complete sets mint stamps, S/S, minisheets and booklets. 2.Butterfly, Primate, Folk costumes and dances thematic postal stationery(postage printed on envelope or card). 3.Butterfly, Primate, Folk costumes and dances themes are thematic postmark cancellation of postal stationeries, covers, cards. 4.BEE&BEEKEEPING, CACTUS&SUCCULENTS, FIELD HOCKEY. 5.Ships, Lighthouses, Trains, Railways, Bridges, Aircraft, Space Exploration. I also collect the uncirculated commemorative banknotes and coins,Dollar,Euro,Pound and polymer banknotes. I am interested especially in Butterfly, Primate, Folk costumes and dances topic postal stationery(postage printed on envelope or card)and uncirculated commemorative banknotes. What do you need and can offer? Please send me scanned picture. Hope to develope long time exchange. Waiting for your reply. Best regards, ding.
By : lao din   Date : 2013-11-10 09:57:36

Message.13 :
By : lao din   Date : 2013-11-10 09:47:04

Message.14 : Dear friend! I agree to be exchanged with you by the used stamps of the whole world 100:100, 200:200,300:300 and anymore. Send for the beginning of 200 things of your used stamps WW in an exchange on 200 things of my used stamps WW on my postal address. Guarantee an answer. Sincerely. Your MILIVOJ
By : Milivoj Kajkut   Date : 2013-10-21 07:36:30

Message.15 : Hi,I can offer mint Ukraine and Russia for new mint China. Regards,Yurij
By : Yurij Danilov   Date : 2013-10-16 20:40:33

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