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World Stamp Collector List.

Member No.06155 06155 : SENAKA TIKIRI BANDARA   SENAKA TIKIRI BANDARA is a stamp collector from SRI LANKA SRI LANKA UPDATE: 2021-11-05 18:22:52
Want!  All countries VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  All countries See an Email

Member No.05375 05375 : Kazuo Noguchi   Kazuo Noguchi is a stamp collector from JAPAN JAPAN UPDATE: 2021-11-05 06:18:17
Want!  mint Japan VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  the same CV mint sets of Europe, Africa and Pacific See an Email

Member No.06164 06164 : Shakeeb Nizvi   Shakeeb Nizvi is a stamp collector from SRI LANKA SRI LANKA UPDATE: 2021-11-04 01:48:28
Want!  Used Stamps VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Stamps See an Email

Member No.00422 00422 : Arie Sulman   Arie Sulman is a stamp collector from NETHERLANDS NETHERLANDS UPDATE: 2021-11-04 00:50:40
Want!  100 or 200, used different stamps of India, IsraeL, Kiribati, Tuvalu VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  100 or 200, used stamps Netherlands/German/European countries /USA/other/Just mail me what you want. See an Email

Member No.06163 06163 : Alexander Navosardov   Alexander Navosardov is a stamp collector from RUSSIAN FEDERATION RUSSIAN FEDERATION UPDATE: 2021-11-03 21:34:26
Want!  Mint Thai (fauna, painting, transport, flora), British Commonwealth, old GB VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Russia/USSR, former USSR countries etc. (mint/used) See an Email


Member No.05258 05258 : nellie   Nellie is a stamp collector from NETHERLANDS NETHERLANDS UPDATE: 2021-11-02 16:12:32
Want!  NEW ZEALAND netherland south amerika VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  westerneurope, scandinavia, south amerika, germany all See an Email

Member No.06154 06154 : Morck   Morck is a stamp collector from ITALY ITALY UPDATE: 2021-10-31 23:14:22
Want!  Germany, UK , Spain, France, swiss , nederland ( exchange used 100/200 for the same number) VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Italy ( used) See an Email

Member No.04657 04657 : Sergey   Sergey is a stamp collector from BELARUS BELARUS UPDATE: 2021-10-30 16:23:34
Want!  Mint and used stamps, coins, banknotes VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Coins, banknotes, mint and used stamps, covers, FDC's from Belarus See an Email

Member No.06161 06161 : Artem Artamonov   Artem Artamonov is a stamp collector from RUSSIAN FEDERATION RUSSIAN FEDERATION UPDATE: 2021-10-30 05:31:17
Want!  Mint tourism, bicycle stamps. Unusual stamps(shape, material) VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Mint Russian stamps with different topics See an Email

Member No.06157 06157 : Gianluca Gatti   Gianluca Gatti is a stamp collector from SWITZERLAND SWITZERLAND UPDATE: 2021-10-30 04:39:03
Want!  used stamp from WW (except from european country) VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  used stamp form european country See an Email

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