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World Stamp Collector List.

Member No.06352 06352 : Cristian   Cristian is a stamp collector from ROMANIA ROMANIA UPDATE: 2022-11-29 02:56:14
Want!  1) stamps used worldwide before 1970 2) blind swap 100/150 small deffinitives before 1970 NO USA, NO CANADA NO Australia 3) Send me one nice cover from your country (look for collector form Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania) VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  1) stamps used worldwide before 1970 2) blind swap 100/150 small deffinitives before 1970 NO USA, NO CANADA NO Australia, at request I can offer from those countries 3) When I receive your letter I send in exchange 100 smaller used deffinitives See an Email

Member No.06184 06184 : Daniel Frei   Daniel Frei is a stamp collector from THAILAND THAILAND UPDATE: 2022-11-28 17:21:43
Want!  Wish:100 different & used stamps from your country VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Offer:100 different & used Switzerland +<5 Thailand on your envelope See an Email

Member No.06351 06351 : Saša   Saša is a stamp collector from CROATIA CROATIA UPDATE: 2022-11-28 13:31:14
Want!  Germany / Italy untill 1945, landscapes, minerals, national costumes, natives crafts. Only mint VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Whole world mint and cancelled See an Email

Member No.00422 00422 : Arie Sulman   Arie Sulman is a stamp collector from NETHERLANDS NETHERLANDS UPDATE: 2022-11-28 03:48:00
Want!  100 or 200, used different stamps of USA 2000>2022, VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  100 or 200, used stamps Netherlands/German/European countries /USA/other/Just mail me what you want. See an Email

Member No.05260 05260 : Gerhard Marscholik   Gerhard Marscholik is a stamp collector from GERMANY GERMANY UPDATE: 2022-11-27 21:26:29
Want!  33. used stamps north macedonia VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  101 used stamps BRD + Berlin See an Email


Member No.06227 06227 : Richard P   Richard P is a stamp collector from SWEDEN SWEDEN UPDATE: 2022-11-26 18:06:18
Want!  Malaysia, Singapore after year 2000 and Malaysian states and Estonia. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Sweden 1855-2015: other Nordic countries, FDC, Br. Colonies See an Email

Member No.06350 06350 : Uri Barlev   Uri Barlev is a stamp collector from ISRAEL ISRAEL UPDATE: 2022-11-25 17:19:15
Want!  Israeli stamps VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Israeli stamps See an Email

Member No.06174 06174 : Mattia   Mattia is a stamp collector from ITALY ITALY UPDATE: 2022-11-24 17:46:05
Want!  50 Kirgystan, Turkmenistan, Tagikistan, Afghanistan VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  50 Switzerland and worldwide See an Email

Member No.04379 04379 : JON     JON  is a stamp collector from HONG KONG HONG KONG UPDATE: 2022-11-24 14:22:07
Want!  envelopes fixed with different special stamps from your countries VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Worldwide, HK recent special stamps and China FDCs See an Email

Member No.06349 06349 : Nelson Lee   Nelson Lee is a stamp collector from SINGAPORE SINGAPORE UPDATE: 2022-11-23 22:30:25
Want!  Stamps, Miniature Sheets VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Stamps, Miniature Sheets See an Email

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