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World Stamp Collector List.

Member No.05075 05075 : PYRINSTAMPS   PYRINSTAMPS is a stamp collector from SLOVAKIA SLOVAKIA UPDATE: 2017-03-24 03:57:51
Want!  Used stamps from South Africa RSA + SWA, all Rhodesia, Switzerland. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Used stamps from Europe. I also offer catalogs stamps Stanley Gibbons, Scott and Michel on DVD in exchange for stamps: RSA + SWA, all Rhodesia, Switzerland.: Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.05186 05186 : Humayun   Humayun is a stamp collector from PAKISTAN PAKISTAN UPDATE: 2017-03-24 02:53:00
Want!  Stamps. Coins, Banknotes, Post cards, ETC VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  All Countries Stamps Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.03314 03314 : Edouard Vorontsov   Edouard  Vorontsov is a stamp collector from RUSSIAN FEDERATION RUSSIAN FEDERATION UPDATE: 2017-03-24 00:59:10
Want!  mint complete sets - fauna(except home animals) VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  mint complete sets - FAUNA, WWF, CEPT, TRANSPORT, SPORT, FLORA, etc.- many countries. Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.04962 04962 : laurent lemaire   Laurent Lemaire is a stamp collector from FRANCE FRANCE UPDATE: 2017-03-23 19:38:26
Want!  autriche, grece, liechenstein, gb et iles, portugal, pays baltes, ex-Yougoslavie, japon, afrique 2010 to 2015 seulement grand format oblitérés VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  grand format france Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.03408 03408 : RADE SKARO   RADE  SKARO   is a stamp collector from CROATIA CROATIA UPDATE: 2017-03-23 15:37:36
Want!  Russian / U S S R - used/mint stamps, sheets, FDCs. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Europa countries - used or mint stamps. Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE


Member No.01316 01316 : Drazen Kladar   Drazen Kladar is a stamp collector from BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA UPDATE: 2017-03-23 13:23:59
Want!  Mint stamps - UK, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Hungary, Romania, Canada, USA, Bhutan, Portugal etc. VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  WW Mint stamps and FDC- of movies, orchids, ships, aircraft, butterflies, sports, marine life, WWF, Olympics, wild animals, fauna, birds, Europe cept, Red Cross, etc.Mint Serbia 1876-1915. Circulated covers of all topics. Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.03625 03625 : NGUYEN NGOC DONG TIEN   NGUYEN NGOC DONG TIEN  is a stamp collector from VIET NAM VIET NAM UPDATE: 2017-03-22 22:03:21
Want!  Need people live in Kuala lampur, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Yangon city, CHINA , TAIWAN, MACAO , HONG KONG VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Viet Nam new issue real posted FDC and s/s or mini sheet FDC on first day issued, FDC , mint stamps, souvenir sheet, mini sheet Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.05185 05185 : Antonio Martinez   Antonio Martinez is a stamp collector from SPAIN SPAIN UPDATE: 2017-03-21 22:50:09
Want!  Recent stamps ww. Also Small sheets VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  Recent stamps from Spain and ww.Also Small sheets Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.05184 05184 : Rupert Eschenlohr   Rupert Eschenlohr is a stamp collector from SWITZERLAND SWITZERLAND UPDATE: 2017-03-21 21:16:42
Want!  ww Stamp on Stamp mint, used, on cover VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  ww used, mint Switzerland, Liechtenstein Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

Member No.05182 05182 : Fred McLeod   Fred McLeod is a stamp collector from UNITED STATES UNITED STATES UPDATE: 2017-03-21 20:39:46
Want!  used commemoratives from your country VIEW FULL ADS
Offer  cancelled commemorative and definitive from the U.S., Canada and Germany. Send by MS OUTLOOK SEND MESSAGE

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